There are four types of video edits to choose from...

The Trailer is a must-have for any newlyweds. It's the video you'll watch again and again. Easy to share online with friends & family. Shot & edited in a music video style to the song of your choice. Check out the Youtube player at the top of the home page for a playlist with a few dozen Trailers from real couples.
  • Length: One song (usually ~3-5 minutes)
  • Style/tone: Music video, cinematic, artistic
  • Shareable online: Yes
  • Packages that include it: Trailer package, Cinema package, Hollywood package

The Full-Day cut is one of two types of long edits you can choose from (the other being the Highlight Reel). It's shot & edited documentary-style and includes the full ceremony, toasts, and dances, with some artistic Trailer-like montages throughout. I mostly shoot a candid style and rarely pose or stage any moments. I try to interject as little as possible, but I always encourage couples to talk to the camera whenever they feel inclined or if they feel comfortable doing so. Think of it as talking to your future self to remind yourself years from now how you were feeling in the moment.
  • Length: ~1½ to 2 hrs
  • Style/tone: Cinematic, documentary, long-form
  • Shareable online: Not included, but available as an add-on
  • Packages that include it: Feature package, Cinema package, Hollywood package

The Highlight Reel is the second of two types of long edits. I shoot the footage the same way as the Full-Day cut, but it's a little more condensed in the edit. If the Full-Day cut is documentary style, the Highlight Reel is like a short film. Divided into short sequences that may use music or voiceovers taken from vows or toasts. For example, instead of including the entire ceremony from start to finish, it may only include the big moments like processional, vows, ring exchange, and recessional. It's a great way to keep all the most important moments while still summarizing the entire day.
  • Length: ~15-25 mins
  • Style/tone: Story, montage, short film
  • Shareable online: Yes
  • Packages that include it: Feature package, Cinema package, Hollywood package

Quiz Time is improvizational, unscripted, and can be incredibly goofy. At some point early in the day, I gather the Bride with her Bridesmaids and ask them a series of questions - some about their expecations of the day, some about the groom, and some about themselves. I then ask the Groom and his Groomsmen the same series of questions separately and compare each set of answers in a full little video that can make for some really fun editing opportunities. Based on the number of Youtube views some of them get, the Quiz Time cut often becomes a couple's favorite video. If you're the kind of couple that jokes around a lot with your closest friends, this cut might be perfect for you. And it only takes a couple minutes to shoot, so it won't interfere with the schedule of your day.
  • Length: ~4-8 mins mins
  • Style/tone: Lighthearted, social, playful
  • Shareable online: Yes
  • Packages that include it: Only available as an add-on


All edited videos include the following features:

  • Non-destructive, color-accurate color grading for a cinematic look while still retaining the true tones of your wedding colors such as dresses, ties, and flowers
  • Multi-camera ceremony coverage, cross-cut in post production to ensure every important moment is covered
  • Instrumental bed music of your choice underlaid throughout your Long Edit to tie sequences together and capture the mood of the day
  • Audio mastering including dynamic range adjustments and multi-source mixing. Dynamic range adjustments tune the audio levels so there's no LOUD MOMENTS HERE and quiet moments there. Multi-source mixing combines audio recorded from separate sources such as clip-on mics, on-camera mics, and mics used by your DJ or venue
  • Movie-style transitions add pacing and flow to your Long Edit and make for an overall more pleasing and enjoyable viewing experience
  • Custom end titles to close out your Long Edit

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