Packages include two styles of video edits: Trailers and Full-Day cuts . . .

The Trailer is a must-have for any newlyweds. It's the video you'll watch again and again. Easy to share online with friends & family. Shot & edited in a music video style to the song of your choice. Check out the Youtube player at the top of the home page for a playlist with a few dozen Trailers from real couples.

The Full-Day cut is shot & edited documentary-style and includes the full ceremony, toasts, and dances, with some fun little Trailer-like montages throughout. The length is generally around 1½ to 2 hours depending on the length of your ceremony, but can be shortened or lengthened based on your preference.

Edited videos include the following features:

  • Non-destructive, color-accurate color grading for a cinematic look while still retaining the true tones of your wedding colors such as dresses, ties, and flowers
  • Multi-camera ceremony coverage, cross-cut in post production to ensure every important moment is covered
  • Instrumental bed music of your choice underlaid throughout your Full-Day cut to tie sequences together and capture the mood of the day
  • Audio mastering including dynamic range adjustments and multi-source mixing. Dynamic range adjustments tune the audio levels so there's no LOUD MOMENTS HERE and quiet moments there. Multi-source mixing combines audio recorded from separate sources such as clip-on mics, on-camera mics, and mics used by your DJ or venue
  • Movie-style transitions add pacing and flow to your Full-Day cut and make for an overall more pleasing and enjoyable viewing experience
  • Custom end titles to close out your Full-Day cut

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